King of the Mountain

In 2005, I was called in by conceptual artist Kaleta Doolin to implement an experience where the viewer would stand inside a room and appear to be inside an invisible tower with goats climbing stairs all the way around the room.

To achieve this, I designed a stair structure and had it built which would span 180 degrees and be shot by two HD VariCam’s with super wide lenses. The end result would then be projected by four projectors onto the four walls of a room. We would seamlessly duplicate the two camera’s footage to cover all four walls. We rented some local goats and found a field to bring all of it out to for our shoot. A full afternoon was spent tricking the goats up and down the stairs while filming them. In post, I used After Effects to erase the supporting structure for the stairs to create the impression that the viewer is inside the invisible tower which Kaleta had asked for. For playback I found a Matrox box which would allow multiple screens to be seen by the computer as one wide screen, so the whole thing could be played on one computer in sync.

The final piece has been installed in several museums and video festivals.

“…always been an invaluable partner.” 

– Frequent coworker

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