Master Qi and the Monkey King

I edited this feature length documentary released by First Run Features and currently available on Netflix.

There was no script for this film, just three days worth of footage and interviews that were handed to me and I was asked to build a story. This film is almost entirely spoken in Chinese with English subtitles. I organized the footage and had all the interviews subtitled by the performer’s personal translator, teaching him how to use subtitling software. I then proceeded to edit the entire film from the subtitles, crafting the story and building animations for those sections where we didn’t have any footage to show. I color corrected all the footage and created the visual feel for the film.

I also designed the packaging materials for the DVD and the movie poster.

Feature length documentary / Released 2012 by First Run Features
Editor / Motion Graphics / Color Correction
Producer: Alan Govenar

REVIEWS OF Master Qi and the Monkey King

“The Peking Opera is magic on stage!” – The New York Times

“Enchanting and compelling! Peking Opera star Qi Shu Fang is no prima donna; she is down-to-earth, hard-working and thoroughly adept at negotiating the complexities of the modern world while maintaining her love of this ancient tradition. Excerpts from various operas with their brilliant and exotic costumes, comedic interludes and martial arts bravado are interspersed with backstage scenes and interviews. The film will go a long way in demystifying Peking Opera and building new interest for the uninitiated, as well as allowing aficionados to gain further insight.” – Robert H. Browning, Founder, World Music Institute

“…always been an invaluable partner.” 

– Frequent coworker

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